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DS3 for MAC?

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That would persumably require OpenGL-capable programmers. How hard is it to port code from DX to OGL?

The PS3 uses a specialized version of OpenGL ES 1.0 and considering that this game is going multi-platform there must be some folks at Obsidian who know a bit about OpenGL. It's not just like it can just be recompiled though -- someone would need to convince the Square Enix folks that they would make more money from the port than it would cost to port it.


Also.. I'm not so sure about automatically getting a Linux version just because there might be a Mac port. Rage is being developed for the Mac but so far there is no plan for a commercially supported Linux version -- although there probably will be something released. I'm just not sure Square Enix would be up to releasing a product that they didn't officially support.

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