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As always with any Obsidian game, you can count on me linking to the wiki. :)


Unfortunately, Wikia's Dungeon Siege Wiki is largely inactive and doesn't have much content, but hopefully thanks to Obsidian's new game it will eventually be full of info both about the upcoming title and its predecessors. I"ll certainly be posting all DS3 news there, as well as a FAQ and other interesting bits. Everyone's encouraged to help out, of course, even if I don't expect that many contributions there for now.

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Ausir, are you an Obsidian fanboy now? What will they say about you at NMA. :sorcerer:


Sounds good, I guess it will be slowly revived over the coming months.

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Haven't been there in a while, but I probably will again soon, as the NV hype builds.


Although I maintain that NMA is not NMA without Rosh.

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I might join in to add something too. But I'm too busy with my new DS website. I hope to launch it before the E3 news next week. DS3 has a booth on the E3 aswell.

Reasons why Dungeon Siege is NOT a Diablo clone:

- DS has multicharacter parties.

- DS doesn't have boring pre-defined classes, but the players develop the characters.

- DS has packmules!

- DS has a huge map without any loading bars between areas, even when teleporting!

- DS has 10.000+ spells, and even more items!

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