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How can I play with PAD controller??

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It should be compatible with other gamepads as well - search the forums here, there have been a few threads. Which pad exactly?

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"All games" meaning all games you've come across. Different controllers frequently have compatibility issues - see FIFA 2010 on PC, for instance, where you have to manually map out any controller other than, uh, the 3 or so they support. :sorcerer:


Anyway, sorry, I haven't even heard of the controller before... I assume use xbox controller is turned on but the game simply doesn't respond to anything you do on your pad?


Maybe someone out there has the pad and can help.

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There is a small utility called Xbox 360 Controller Emulator, that allows you to use gamepads different that X360 to play games with it. It does what the name says (emulates X360 controller) and all you have to do is put it's files into game's directory, configure it and then game will recognize your controller as a X360 one. You can get this emulator at TocaEdit, in Downloads section.

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