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I've been following Alpha Protocol since I read about it in a game Informer about 2 years ago. I've watched the trailers, read every bit of scrap I could find, pre-ordered just to have it pushed off until this morning. My fascination with the game is obviously I'm a RPG nerd. I have just about every RPG on the 360, and if I don't have it, I have probably played it.


I am absolutely impressed with how the game has turned out! Story so far is phenomenal, RPG elements very satisfying, even the "broken" shooting mechanics haven't been broken yet. I mean there seems to be an ounce of realism in there. For example, unless you have spent countless hours at a shooting range... do not expect to pick up a .45 and pull off 50 head shots on terrorists, or step into a boxing ring without ever trying to train. You have to invest time into things, like in this game except it's AP and it works just fine


My only complaint is, it would appear that the good ol' US of A reviews are tarnishing this game. Now everyone has a right to their opinion, mine is I'm glad I bought this game.


Obsidian.... you haven't failed me yet! Keep up the solid work fellas!

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