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  1. I thought KOTOR 2 was a fine game, still one of my favorites to this day. Never played Torment or NWN2, as I only play on console. As far as the Gamespot review goes, I think a score of 6 is bull****. This game has been a great buy (on the 360) in my opinion and at least deserves a score of 7 or 8.
  2. I've been following Alpha Protocol since I read about it in a game Informer about 2 years ago. I've watched the trailers, read every bit of scrap I could find, pre-ordered just to have it pushed off until this morning. My fascination with the game is obviously I'm a RPG nerd. I have just about every RPG on the 360, and if I don't have it, I have probably played it. I am absolutely impressed with how the game has turned out! Story so far is phenomenal, RPG elements very satisfying, even the "broken" shooting mechanics haven't been broken yet. I mean there seems to be an ounce of realism in
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