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Checkpoint Load Issue - Jizan Weapon Stockpile



Replicated this issue multiple times with edited .ini files (for mouse stutter fix) and with clean, original .ini files.

Worth noting mouse stutter has made triumphant return on this mission despite previously working fixes.


The checkpoint in question is at the double gates just before you go outside to take out the RPG soldiers so the chopper can land.

If you take out all the RPG soldiers but then die from assault rifle fire and use the "Reload Last Checkpoint" feature, no enemies will spawn and the next sequence won't trigger. The chopper will hover in a random position over the base and the objective indicator will remain by the double doors.


"Manually" loading the autosave or a save you've made yourself works fine, although the enemies seem to spawn in more random locations.


This is, like most posts in this forum, a bug report rather than a request for assistance. The mission is possible to complete.

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