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What I like \ what I don't like

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One hour only, doing the evaluation process. Hardest difficulty, recruit.




- Excellent variability in terms of choice & consequences (new quests triggers, influence modifications, different paths in the plot, different dialogues, etc..)

- Gameplay components dedicated exclusively to deepen the background (ie hacking computers to read emails)

- NPCs characterization and number of dialogues, for now.

- Difficulty, for now

- Quests feedback\rewards




- ****ing checkpoints based saves

- Minigames: zero use of brain, all they can do is make you blind

- Engine optimization

- Gameplay bugs and technical quality

- Dialogues countdown too short. I use subtitles (at times I can't even read all the options, and I assure you I read fast)

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i'd like to say that normally i dont mind the minigames and in the beginning its fun, but by the 2nd of your second area (counting saudi arabia) the difficulty well isnt hard its jsut u have like zero time, alarms/ etc u have 20 seconds to connect 12 or so which is annoying as it really comes down to luck when you spot the right choices right away.

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