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Mouse input broken, makes game nearly unplayable (video inside)


There's already a topic on this, but it does not state clearly how severe the problem is and ventures a wrong guess at the cause of this.


Here's how it manifests ingame:


As long as the mouse is not touched the game is completely smooth. But as soon as the mouse is used it begins to skip and drop frame slike crazy.


Manipulating the ini files had no effect.


Obsidian, your turn.

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In the meanwhile I finished the tutorial zone and my first missions and I still don't have any problems, since changing the SmoothFrameMinimum (to 20) and Maximum(to 30) (while mouse smoothing is active). VSync ist set to TRUE.

The mouse only begins stucking again, when I record a video while playing (so probably if the framerate sinks below 20).


I do also own the Steam version of the game. But... why should DRM only break mouse input, and not controller input? That's not the problem I think.


I've mentioned this elsewhere but bear in mind the speed when turning using controller input is usually constant. A mouse movement made by a human hand is usually non-constant. So if the developr is just feeding mouse input to a code routine specifically designed for a console controller, this may be the cause of issues. This kind of thing is extremely common with games poorly ported to the PC from console. The solution is to code specifically for the most popular input devices for the platform, not code for one platform to save time and effort and then just 'force-feed' input from devices on different platforms into it.


Just a theory mind :ermm:

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