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Fallout: New Vegas Survival Guide

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Survival Guide

Fallout: New Vegas is now officially real, and we can expect more info/hype over the coming months. This is how things are gonna work (no bartering skill check)

As the license/franchise owner, Bethesda will host the Official FO:NV forums, similarly to how it worked with KOTOR2 and NWN2. They foot the bill, they get a share of the attention. Its how we do business after all

We can still have discussions of FO:NV or any other Fallout in Computer & Console section, just like with any other game.

Such discussions fall under our existing Forum Guidelines and moderating policy. While we are generally being nice blokes and all, this means no flaming/ trolling/baiting/entrapping and this applies to aliens, mutants, ghouls, members of other forums, developers, publishers, corporations, etc.

For those too lazy to click the link:

Trolling: Trolling is also not allowed in regard to other gaming companies, their employees or moderators. We've worked and continue to work with various people at many game companies, and it is not within the spirit of our forums to allow disrespectful posts about other company's policies, employees, or moderators. It's OK to say you don't like a game, but referring to another company's employees or the company itself is simply not be tolerated here. Posts which intentionally attack another game company and/or it's employees will be deleted and the member censured accordingly

This project in particular will receive special attention. Hopefully without suffocating effects (First Aid).

For those who fail their INT check regarding the above, groin shots are rumoured to be back, especially with the rumoured Fore! :)

Tip of the day: Never leave home without 2 Rad Away ;)
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