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King Arthur - The Role-playing Wargame


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Anyone else pick this up.. only a few hrs into it but its VERY cool. A little RTS.. a little CRPG... a little sim all rolled into one. Is main story line is loosely based on the King Arthur legend. With some celtic mythos tossed in for fun. On top of the main storyline there random side quests and your actions can change parts of the game and story. Very interesting and fairly deep.


If anyone else has played this question, how in the gods green earth do you replenish men? I keep reading you can in towns but when I go there nada happens.

World of Darkness News




"I cannot profess to be a theologian; but it seems to me that Christians who believe in a super human Satan have got themselves into a logical impasse with regard to their own religion. For either God can not prevent the mischief of Satan, in which case he is not omnipotent; or else He could do so if he wished, but will not, in which case He is not benevolent. Fortunately, being a pagan witch, I am not called upon to solve this problem."

- Doreen Valiente

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Thanks, Purkake. Thread closed, use the other one.

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