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New licensing/finance system


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I can't seem to find my original post. But essentially I suggested that one problem with counter-piracy measures is that they fail to engage the community very well. I suggested that it might make more sense for a studio with a strong fan base to sell shares or somesuch in each game. Each purchaser then has an interest in encouraging others to buy.


ANYWAY.. *coughs* I noticed this new band, http://www.gabbyyoungandotheranimals.com/signup/ who have apparently done very well using a system of graded memberships in their new album.


You can buy the album itself, OR you can pay a bit more and get a gig ticket thrown in. Go higher and you get special versions. Go even higher and you might get invited backstage or get special input and so on.


I'm not saying it's a no-brainer. it's something you'd have to do with a great deal of thought and a big dose of cool. but if done right it could be awesome.

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Personally I don't think piracy can be stopped. However I think studios will survive if they think of their offerings as a service. That could mean asking their communities to donate to help finance the making of their next game. Or it could be only allowing access to the best parts of their forums (and developers) if people have bought the game, or donated at some point during its development. The band you mentioned seem to be doing something similar, in that the more a fan contributes, the more 'service' they get.

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