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Two issues - alignment glitch, and video crash.

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Luckily, I ran out of most problems. But these two have persisted throughout my time with the game.


1) When I use codes (as I remember, it was the same without them) to add light or dark side points, whether I use a number or add the maximum amount of alignment points possible, Atton Rand automatically gets the same amount of points in the OPPOSITE alignment from me. I entered 'addlightside', and he became totally evil (full corruption and dark side points). I entered 'adddarkside', and he became completely good (full light side mastery). How do I alter this issue to be able to use the same 'addlight/darkside' code for him separately, because it doesn't work, but mainly the problem is that his alignment goes in the opposite direction from mine. What is wrong here?


2) I can't watch any movie apart from the 'Republic fleet arrives at Telos' one' in the game. Even the 'Kreia's fall' video in the game, which occurs when you ask her about her Sith/Jedi past, doesn't work. A black screen appears, flickers, and I see a cursor, and it's back to the game or menu. Little movies, like the shuttle beind shot down over Telos' surface work, but I don't understand why the others won't. What's the issue? How do I solve it?


This has happened to me throughout several playthroughs, and I've got a high-end PC. I'm certain it isn't my PC's specs. What's wrong?

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