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XP admin question


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I just created a new administrator account on my other pc which has Windows XP. Back when I installed XP I hadn't taken the time to create one, so it just had a default Administrator account which I had used up until now.


However, after creating my new admin account, the previous one seemingly disappeared. There is no option to select it upon startup, and it doesn't show up under User Accounts either.


Now this in itself isn't so much of a problem. The trouble is that the previous Administrator account's documents seem to have disappeared along with it. Even on the new admin account I can't find them anywhere. This means I have lost all my savegames, as well as some music and videos. But that's not really the issue either. Judging from the free space left on my hard disk (which is exactly the same as before), I'm guessing they're still on there somewhere. The fact that I can't access them doesn't bother me so much as the fact that they're simply taking up space.


So please, how do I find these files?

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Yup, the default admin account flies through the window when you create a new one, but the files should remain. Did you try to unhide hidden files in the folder settings? The folder should show up in my documents then.

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I just tried that. Nothing showed up.


Even a search for the files didn't produce any results.


Also, there is still an Administrator folder under C:\Documents and Settings, but I cannot access it.

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You can't access the folder? That's weird. Is it saying you don't have rights to go there of what?


Edit: Cool.

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