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Want to beta test SWTOR?

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If it's looping you back, look carefully at the top. It might be explaining why.


I just created an account with one of my other email addresses and it looped me back because my password needed to be 8-16 characters. After I fixed that, no problem.

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During account creation after I submit, there's a "LOGIN FAILED" at the top of the page (where it asks you to agree to the testing agreement).



My guess is that the servers have been hit hard with this news haha.


I confirm that my hotmail email signup has not worked. Looks like a try again later Jags. :(

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Sounds like there's some growing pains for the set up.


How I did it was:


Create your account, and say NO THANKS to testing. This should send you an email.


After verifying your account via email, go into "My Account" and say you'd like to take part in testing. Then it should work. I had some activeX issues (when I clicked on it to allow it it'd reset) where it put me back to the start of this stage again, but since I had my account finally established (if you try to do it all it once, it doesn't seem to create any account whatsoever), it worked (and remembered most of my information too haha) the second time it made me go through.



Kind of annoying but it seems someone was optimistic their procedure would work right from the start o:)

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If you already have an account on SWTOR, you should be able to get that account to sign up.


Log in with your existing account, and go to "My Account" in the top right, and there should be a question asking if you want to take part in the testing.



In hindsight, I really should have linked this article: http://www.swtor.com/news/news-article/20090929_001


It mentions it there.

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