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Main Menu locking up

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Ok, so while i had just reinstalled SWKotR II, i downloaded some mods, and some other things for it. I double clicked the launcher, watched the little intor stuff and when it tried to come to the main menu all i can see is my Mouse and just a black screen...


Computer Specs

OS: Windows XP Home 64bit (I believe)
Number of CPU(s):	One Physical Processor / One Core / One Logical Processor / 64 bits
CPU Full Name:	Intel(R) Celeron(R) D CPU 3.20GHz
CPU Name	Intel: Celeron 352
RAM: 2Gigs
Video Card/Driver: ATI Radeon 200 Xpress*


* I know it's low, but I've played this game before. About as smooth as can be.

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It's probably the mods...


I doubt it.


...and KotOR II doesn't work too good with Intel, try downloading a Radeon processor.


Intel GPUs. Intel CPUs are fine - also, it's AMD and not Radeon. :p

"Geez. It's like we lost some sort of bet and ended up saddled with a bunch of terrible new posters on this forum."




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-no edit button-


EDIT: Actually, I think it's the smoke particles that are screwing it up. Because when i actually do get past it, when ever there's smoke or something similar, it screws everything up.

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Ok, there should be an .ini tweak to remove the smoke - I cannot remember it though. >_<

i'll try playing around with some stuff.

Yay fixed, main menu appears normally and the game has no lag at all o:)

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