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Well, it's not really that much.


Ive been playing for a while ( though this is my first play through)


My character is now lvl 25:


str 13

Dex 19

Cons 19

Intel 12

Wis 41

Char 14


(with items)


Vit 325

Force pt 661!!!!!



Force storm cost 38 force points but I have so many it doesnt make a difference!


Good game. Glad I went for Jedi Master over Sith Lord. I prefer the Light Side!


Still havent finished the game, at the Jedi Enclave with all the masters...

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Do you know about Force Crush?


No...Just looked on the net and saw it's some choking thing.


Is it powerful? What kinda damage does it do?


I've beaten the game now. On Malacore V I just used Force storm the entire time. Had plenty of force

points to deal with all the enemies. I felt like god, especially if I had light mastery and battle meditation on.

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