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Jagged Alliance DS

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I picked up Jagged Alliance for the DS today, and it's awesome! I know there are a few JA2 fans on his forum, and the original title is really worth a go. It was $30, but if you don't own a DS, this title is worth it alone.


Now it's not exactly like JA2, it is a bit rougher around the edges, but the merc personalities, turn-based combat, and fantastic inventory system is all there.


So don't waste time, this title needs to do well if we want to see more attempts at good TB combat games. In fact, I'm pretty sure Strategy First needs this title to turn a profit for there to be any chance of a JA3.

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Isn't this game a remake of JA1? gog.com is selling the original on their website.


I was thinking of picking up one of these two versions. I'm leaning towards the pc version, unless the DS version is so much more superior...

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The did modify it a little bit to adjust it for DS. :grin:


And yeah play this game wherever you can, it's the one that started everything. And Ivan only speaks russian in it :DDDD

1.13 killed off Ja2.

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