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Well im just interested in the artists jobs and what your looking for in an artist that you would consider hireing. i love art and i have an interest in becomeing an artist for a video game company. well i have a little bit of art that i have created on the computer using The MSpaint program that comes standard on every computer that has windows. well the site that has some of my posted art is




please feel free to look at my art, there are 3 posted images of pictures i created using that program on my spare time. i have a particular style i like to use for this program but i can do some neat things with what little resourse i have. well tell me what you think of my art if you look at it and you can also post your thoughts on the images on that site. but mostly im just interested in the information about experience your looking for, style, and schooling that you want from your artists when your hiring someone. well thanks for your time


The ScarletSeraphim of the night


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I can see this is the way you post, but I would suggest using a spell checker on your webpage, and using English punctuation for your artists statement. This might not be a big deal (the punctuation) if you already have some sort of an in into the company you are submitting to, but it can be detremental for companies you don't, as often it isn't just artists looking at your portfolio.


The mis-spellings can be detremental to you no matter who is reviewing your portfolio.

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