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Fallout: New Vegas


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To our community at OBS, it is clear that there is a definite passion for this new title and we respect that. We also need to balance our relationship with Bethesda as significantly important. We have, therefore, taken some time and looked through the large 500+ collection of posts thus far and have found the three following categories that will hopefully allow us a larger breadth of discussion:



This is an opportunity to have more thorough discussions. Each of these conversation must adhere to the Forum Guidelines. If any of the Guidelines are broached, especially in respect to disrespectful critique of Bethesda, a member will be placed immediately in Mod Status for no less than two weeks and will be issued a Formal Warning.


We do not wish to police or be authoritarian. We simply wish to find a balance to offer ways for our community to interact about FO: NV, while also respecting the reciprocal relations with Bethesda.


with respect,


The Mod Squad


Note: Previous FO: NV Discussions

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