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Nar Shadaa (Goto scene crash)

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Basically when i choose to go to nar shadda it goes to the cutscene about how

goto's asking the Bounty Hunters not to harm the jedi, and it crashes during that cutscene, usually around the point looking at the twin twileks and the insect guys

(i forgot there names, begins with a G i think lol.)


Graphics card be : GeForce 9600 GT - Driver version 182.50

Direct X version : 10.00

Operating system : Windows vista home premium, 32-bit(service pack 1)


Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

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I've read elsewhere that the 182.50 driver version doesn't do all that well. Try rolling back to an earlier driver version. You can find earlier versions here.


Ok i installed the earliest version i can find. I shall give it a shot. Thank you.


update ***


I got past the cutscene, but the loading screens are kind of messed up, might need to find a mutual version between the two, either way thanks for your help.




"178" version completely fixed everything, tah for the help man. ;)

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