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Halp! my saves are all gone!

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Ok, So today I read the thread about making KOTOR2 compatible with Vista. I right-clicked the .exe shortcut, and made it XP compatible. I also decided to replace the dll file. The instructions were for when you are first installing the game, but what harm could befall a single dll file, right? Well, around the same time, I started a new game, when I saved, I noticed that all my saves were gone. I had checked the trash bin, and even did a system restore, but to no avail. Any other ideas? This was a game I had spent nearly 50 hours of my youth on!

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Did you create a new "character"? If so, see if your old character isn't there still by switching to that one. Saves are associated with your character name :(

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LMAO, *places a dunce cap on his head*; I always wondered what that button was for.

Don't feel bad, you are certainly not the first person to do that and I guarantee you won't be the last.

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