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Add Wisdom modifier to Attack Modifier

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Bioware and Obsidian, if you are reading this, please do us all a favour and add a feat to your future RPGs that would allow us to add Wis modifier to Attack modifier. Because a spellcaster doesn't have the necessary strength to overcome the enemies' armour. Usually this is not a problem, as a spellcaster won't engage in melee combat. But if you add such quests as the Fight against the Handmaidens and the Battle Circle, where the usage of spells is forbidden except during the final fights, then it might occur to you that a Jedi Consular (a cleric in D&D terms) with a strength of 8 simply cannot penetrate enemies' armour.


Even if my character is a mage with Int as defining modifier, I still always invest some points in Wis, but never in strength!


Had to exploit bugs in the game to win the aforementioned fights. and I hate cheating. But what am I supposed to do? One of the Mandalorians has such a high armour that in order to penetrate it, I had to use the following stuff:


3rd tier of battle meditation

master valour

echani stim

strength stim

dominator gauntlets


and this was still not enough! I am not Hanharr, for god's sake! Hanharr always hits, because his strength is so high and because he adds my char's high charisma modifier to his attack modifier.


The final fights against the Handmaidens and Bralor are real fun, because you can rely on the force. I simply threw them all off the battle ground using force whirlwind / force wave. lol. All of them failed their reflex saves even on a roll of 20.


But the melee fights are just frustrating. The mandalorians are laughing at me! They say, "take away your force powers and you are nothing." So what? I am a jedi consular! of course I rely on the force! What's so funny about the spell DC of 66 by the time I fought Bralor at level 24? Improve your reflex saves first, then you can laugh about others.


He who laughs last, laughs loudest

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Maybe a Consular just isn't meant to beat the Handmaiden Sisters or the Mandalorians... just as a low-wis Guardian/Warrior/Fighter/whatever isn't meant to unlock some of the more mental parts of a game.


Although I would wish that the "status" Force powers were invisible to the surroundings. Just like in, say, Return of the Jedi, you don't see Luke buffing himself repeatedly with various Force Powers before he grabs the saber Artoo throws him, and starts killing Jabba's guards. A Jedi should be able to let the Force guide and enhance his movements (like when deflecting blaster fire) without anyone seeing anything special going on. It never made sense to me that everyone and their dog can tell that you're using the Force to enhance your performance/speed/reactions etc.

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