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New types of sabers

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If you look down in the forums (may be a page or two back, depending on your settings), you'll see a poll about saber whips.


I think the three sabers we have now is enough. Though I don't know if there's any visual difference between a short saber and a normal saber...


Also, since we're getting new colors, that means there are more ways to customize your saber; now all we need are more MEANINGFUL crystals (they don't ALL have to be uber, but I'd at least like to use my lower-end crystals for awhile before I get the better ones).

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You may be right but there is a visual differnce with the short saber. Go on ur game an pull out both of em at the same time and hit Y if u have x-box he'll hold em karate style which u already know and thats how u can see the difference.

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I find this to be a poor idea since it can never work, though it is an inventive idea to say the least.


True the lightsaber whip is original, but i beleive it isnt feasible.


Lightsaber blades are weightless beams of light. To make this whip of yours feasible, the lightsaber must hav weight in its blade. Next it must hav enough weight to behave like a whip. Finally, the lighsaber whip would be almost, if not totally ineffective against the tradtional lightsaber. The enemy could simply knock it away and lunge straight in before u had a chance to counter the attack. So like i said inventive, but not feasible.


However i am not just here to rant about the inefficiences of a lighsaber whip. I hav my own ideas.


Something like a spinning, 3 bladed propeller. U use lighsaber throw to throw it. It spins incredibly fast due to its propeller style design, and returns to u, like a boomerang. It cuts through whole ranks of enemies like butter, not just one or two like with traditional lighsabers. The handle itself does not rotate with the saber, so that u may hold onto it.


I am not sure how feasible this is, but give me ur thoughts, i will be glad to here them.


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