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KotOR 2 ending

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A few things...


Canderous Ordo = Mandalore (in TSL). Hence "Candalore". And never never went to Malachor V in TSL. The world is forbidden for mandalorians to set foot on.


Bao-Dur's fate is entirely speculative. I've read that he was supposed to die on M4-78 (the droid planet), but I've never seen a credible source for that. He seems to have died from the video his Remote plays, though.


Mira killing Hanharr (if LS exile) is entirely optional. She must fight him, but doesn't have to kill him.


But yes, few deaths in the official (LSF exile) ending of TSL. G0T0 did die, though. The scene was cut from the game, but confirmed by the New Essential Guide to Droids.


However, I must disappoint you - no KotOR3 for you or any of us. KotOR is dead.

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