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Jedi council conversation bug

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So ive been round the planets, had the conversation with Kreia to return to Dant, when i get to the Enclave, the jedi just stand there and dont start the conversation to take you through to the last half, when i come back out of the council chambers, Kreia is waiting to do her little cutscene but gives no other conversation choices. Ive tried going back to an earlier point, going through two diff planets before going to Dant and nothing seems to work, ive looked all over for an answer but cant seem to find one.


Help me obsidian community, Youre my only hope.

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Well, I have seen people with the same problem before, and from what I can recall there was no real solution to the problem besides starting over, though I am very unsure of this. Perhaps somebody else has something more sensible to contribute with than me here, and perhaps not.


Either way, hope you solve this, starting over sucks :thumbsup:

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TG had a fix for this, but they have taken them down.


But I am sure if you browse the nets you can find it somewhere.




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