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Wasteland question: Toaster Repair?


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Now I haven't played Wasteland in a good...well...hmmm...15 years at least? But today for no apparent reason, I just remembered that if you get a high enough intelligence (or whatever it was), you had the option of picking the skill of "Toaster repair" or something like that. I mean, you needed a REALLY high intelligence for it.


I never beat Wasteland (mostly because it was a friend's and we played it over his house), but I do remember that skill. So, the question is: Did you ever get to use that Toaster Repair, or was it just one big joke?



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Ok... Let me see...

Toaster Repair - used while fixing broken toasters.

Item: Broken toaster - Use the "Toaster Repair" skill at the workstation in the Guardian Citadel to get extra items.



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Yeah, basically you just wasted lots and lots of skill points to be able to use those old toasters as "treasure chests". If you didn't have the skill, you'd get a bunch of broken toasters lying around being useless. With the skill, you'd (most often) get expensive ammunition and visa cards out of them (if I remember correctly). I only got that skill ONCE (to see what it did) out of all the times I played this game so my memory is a bit vague on that one. :shifty:

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