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No One Lives Forever

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I definitely like the direction of the artistic design of the cover (minus the main guy, but that's been commented on before).


This reminds me of No One Lives Forever. A game that was an FPS, but brilliant in it's parody of bond, it's humor, characters, and voice acting. Had a sharp sense of style, and had rpg elements: you would earn points through bonus objectives in order to improve your character).


I wonder if any of the devs have played that game, especially the sequel.

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I loved NoLF 2 coop mode. It was so much fun working with others to set up banana traps and other ridiculously hilarious gameplay moments. :o


Loved sneaking through the Japanese village with online buddies, carrying Cate Archer and hiding from the ninjas... tossing coins to distract them and then judo chopping them from behind. Good stuff. :p

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I liked NOLF2 for what it was: a homage to cult spy TV series from the sixties. But a modern CIA game would probably be better the less cheesy it is. No insane gadgets, no over-the-top bad guys, no radio controlled sharks, underwater cars, men with steel teeth. Just a somewhat believable story, the magic we all have around us right now (technology!) and a good story.


I'm hoping it's nothing like NOLF2.

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In the middle of NOFL1 now. It's quite awesome.


Doubt Monolith will make a 3; similar to System Shock 2, the rights have been split between two rival companies.

NOLF never sold well, it got great reviews and theirs a cult following. I also played Contract Jack, it was based in the NOLF world. It was HORRIBLE. One of the worst games I've ever played. Contract Jack was an experiment because the female main character was thought to be the main problem with the franchise.

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