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  1. I'd rather take good old expansion packs. DLC is a rip off usually.
  2. There's an excellent chance of that. The builds we play already look a lot better; there's a bit of lag time between when these are recorded versus when the footage is released. Good to hear, thanks.
  3. What are the chances of seeing improvements on the lip synching and the facial expressions? I expect the tearing and the frame rate to be fixed by the game's release but I wonder if the lip synching and the facial expressions will be improved.
  4. I'd like to know that as well but I think its probably going to be a straight port.
  5. This game sounds great so far. The only things that I'm concerned about are the visuals and the art style. It looks rather bland in some of the screenshots. I'm not too sure about only having three dialogue stances (or options) but as long as they're significantly different and offer different consequences, I guess that'll make up for the lack of choices.
  6. I hope that when Obsidian talks about CQC, they are taking ideas directly from martial arts like Krav Maga, SAMBO and Muay Thai. Also, it would be great if someone on the AP team is a fan of Mixed Martial Arts because that would help the game's CQC a lot
  7. So is there any NOLF influence on this project?
  8. Wow,I m surprised that no one voted for Dantooine. That planet had some serious technical issues in both KOTORs. Dantooine in K2 was much better though.
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