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Patch 1.0b won't install

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After a while I decided to reinstall KOTOR2, and when I press update in the launcher it says that no connection was made with lucasarts ftp server. Then I look at their website, both the patch and the website for kotor 2 is removed. Great! Thanks for the great suport LA... :bat:


Anyway, I found the patch on another website for my game (international) but it won't install, at 89% it says: "Old File not found. However, a file of the same name was found. No update done since file contents do not match." and I pres OK, it disappears. I've tried several methods, reinstall the game again but nothing happens, and so on. It is reading/checking the dialog.tlk file when giving that message.


Help please?


I also did contact the support of LA, but.. they are kind of.. not.. caring. Their answer was: "try to reboot the computer" but in 10-15 lines more.

TSLRCM, the mod that Wookieepedia doesn't want you to know about:


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