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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance


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Played this recently and was actually suprised, considering the love/hate relationship I had with the original SupCom.


In short, the new units are very welcome and sort out the balance issues (such as tech 3 point defences, tech3 anti-ship battlecruisers and stationary engineering suites that automatically help with constuction and repairs), the tweeks to existing units are very welcome (cirtainly to the UEF, the Fatboy can now construct all tech3 land units and builds them faster, and the Atlantis can now build all aircraft), and the new missions, while few in number (6) can be played as any of the original factions and are high on both difficulty and intensity.


If you enjoyed the original i'd recomend this, if you were beating around the bush over the original this addon is stand-alone so i'd also recomend checking it out.


I havn't played with all the new toys available though, more as I do, as per interest.


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Yeah, deffinately, the unpatched original had some serious performance problems, I couldn't even play 4 player games on this new PC without it becoming unbarable.


A patch down the line seriously improved that issue though making the game actually playable in skirmish mode, and FA seems to have kept with that.


Additionally, the new UEF experimental unit, the defence satellite, is pretty amusing. You build the structure and it launches a satellite with a laser that roams around out of the range of AA guns and zaps shizzle. Destruction of the control center instantly deactivates the drone though.

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(Approved by Fio, so feel free to use it)

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