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Game always starts in window, won't go fullscreen

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I installed the game yesterday and it ran perfectly and everything, but now when I start it up, it looks like it's going to go fullscreen, but then it goes into a window and starts the intro and stuff, but sometimes the window will stay black and stop responding. How come it won't load fullscreen anymore? I'm running the game on 1024x768 resolution, but my monitor is 1280x800.


Windows Vista Home Basic

1.5 GB RAM

EVGA GeForce 7600GT

3.5 GHz processor

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I patched the game and it didn't do anything, but what works is changing the resolution to something else, then back to what I want. It's kind of annoying when that happens because sometimes the cursor disappears and I have to exit the game and try again, so if there's a better way that anyone knows of, that would be appreciated.

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No, I just tried it. It doesn't work either. It's weird. It started up fullscreen just fine when I first played it.

You could try changing the setting in swkotor configeration to fullscreen = 1


and remember to take care when playing around in config - back up first.

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Ok, it was already on fullscreen=1. I really wish this game had widescreen support. ;) I probably wouldn't have this problem if it did.


I should have looked before I gave you the info - there are actualy two entries to change to fullscreen = 1 ( in my config there is one at the top of the list and one under 'graphics ' further down. )


Hope this helps

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