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Mods currently available help?

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Hi i played through Kotor 2 lightside when it was first released ,Ive decided to start it again darkside.I know Team Gizka mod isnt far off but im starting it again this week,Ive heard of Elites mod but am unsure of other mods.Im basically wondering if there is a definitive list of good current mods and orif you can reccommend any.Thanks

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Kot0R I:

Reign of the Sith

Bastila's New Uniform (Non-Nude)

ORD Mandell Mod (A New KOTOR Planet)

Revan's Mask+

Carth Romance Fix

Lightsaber Forms

Mekel Recruitment Mod

Ebon Hawk's Workbench to a Construction Bench

Republic Commando: Delta Squad

[MECK] Enter Jabbas Palace

Meet Athena (Selectable Female PC)

DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol:

Chained Force Lightning:


The Real Kain

Bodysuit Bastila Revisited 1 (PVC Skins)

Bastila on Korriban



Kot0R II:

Exile's Item Pack

Darth Revan Cutscene Style Robes Mod (Now W/Masked Models)

Ultimate Lightsaber Mod (USM)

High Level Force Powers

Jabba's Palace Themed Dancer Outfit Additions

TSL Movie Jedi Robes and Armour Mod

Combat Simulation Arena

The Dark Apprentice: Gold

AVol's Character: Darth Vader

Ceremonial Weapon Pack (melee)


Better Handmaiden Skin

9 ShortLightSaber Hilts

DL-44 Blaster

TSL Hak Pad

Start the game with Lightsaber

K2 Media Player

Slender Body for Females (1.1)

Skip Peragus

Surviving Miner


Playable Yuthura Ban




There are hundreds, if not thousands, of others that are not on this list... ;)

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