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nar shaddaa stuck

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I am stuck in the storage room at the docks of nar shaddaa after talking with the jedi master. After the characters spar you can hear the door shut and it will not open. When I select the door and hit open it says it is magnetically sealed from the inside and cannot be opened which is funny because I am already on the inside. The door does not seem to even have a door texture, it just looks like a wall texture. I have looked around the room and the only other selectable thing is a metal box which is already empty.


I would take a screen shot but I have the xbox version and lack the equipment to take a screen shot. I have gone back to previous saves (before goto's yacht) and it does the same thing.


I went directly to nar shaddaa after telos so I have not visited any other planets.


Any ideas?

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Sorry to respond to an old message if that is frowned upon, but no one replied. I had the same problem today and had a hard time finding the answer. It looks like this is our issue:


In short, the game is confused because you are two classes via some sort of cheat.


Yes, I cheated with the Xbox level up glitch (after finishing legit). I am a Jedi Guardian/Jedi Consular. I will need to play some more on another planet so I can get a Prestige Class and wipe out the Jedi Consular. As warned at


the game will freeze if you try to get a prestige class and you don't have a level up. So I'll need to play until I'm at level 15, going on 16.


Hope this helps.

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Bass... he was playing on Xbox and that was two weeks ago. You *really* don't need to reply to every post... especially if you're not going to add anything useful to it.



Anybody here catch that? All I understood was 'very'.

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