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Goto's Yacht Fighting Tips

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I've made it to Goto's Yacht, I am now playing Atton and Droid but I am really struggling not to get killed every fight, and they are getting just slaughtered by the star commander droids - if there's more than one of them they've had it in about 10 seconds. Any tips on how to do better here? I've not been able to activate some of the programs on the command consoles as I don't have enough computer spikes and I'm getting fed up!


Any tips anyone can offer?

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With a bit of luck, you haven't sold all your Ion guns yet (aratech droid vapouriser and whatever they are called).


Also, destroy droid jedi powers (or force lightning) makes life much easier.


You might also appreciate the usually significant number of personal energy shields available in the game :)


Before engaging droids, equip non jedi with weapons designed for droid killing (either made on the workbench, found or purchased). Activate personal shields (those that protect against energy), use things that boosts your speed (drugs or jedi powers), say some famous last words and charge them. Concentrate all your fire against one enemy at a time until he is dead, then concentrate on the next etc.


The only place I found particularly hard, was the center of the ship with all the gun turrets. That is, until I realised I didn't have to go there before I picked up the exile :thumbsup:

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Also try to get to the exile asap, not messing around in rooms you don't need to be.


If you have a selection of mines, you could always set some traps around corners and then lure droids over in solo mode. mira is obviously really handy at this, what with her mine avoidance skill. use stealth for that too.

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Hi there


Thanks for the advice - it was helpful because I hadn't thought about running around or away, although sometimes the other party members are extremely annoying and insist on staying to fight (and often die), forcing you to go back. But, nevertheless I managed to find some rooms that were empty and got to the Jedi which made subsequent fighting much easier - he's great!


I'm now off the yacht and back on land having just slaughtered the Serocco - not so tough now eh!! I've also built a lightsaber - double bladed yellow - whoopee! I'm assuming I have to buy the parts and build others if I want to equip anyone else with one, as Visas for example doesn't seem to have one any more.

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Sinse your using atton just send him in solo and stay as t3. Aton will die but sinse you have another party member alive, t3 he will git back up again and fight some more and die again until he kills all the enemys.

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