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Training Party Members as Jedi?

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Handmaiden: Sparring(you need to be at lvl 18 and sparr with her at least 3 times)and and LS actions are the only way to get her to be a Jedi.



Due to her mother, she is a force senstive. Also if you have a high skilled and wisdom oriented Jedi, you will understand her force experience with Atris's Holocrons and other artiacts while you are at the Polar Cap. Also if you take her to the Dantioone Crystal cave she will make a comment about feeling strange in the cave. That strange feeling both at the cave and at the polar cap are quite similar.


Handmaiden's Jedi Class: Jedi Guardian.


Disciple: Being Pro LS in the conversation, He is the easiest of all the Trainable Jedi because you can convert him in one coversation. Disciple's Jedi Class: Jedi Counslar


Despite his solider class, his Jedi counslar class is approiate for his scholarly nature and his love of knowledge.


Bao-Dur: at least 3 LS actions, he is quite easy if you know where to look. For Example, if you be Dedicated LSer and Starting on Telos then go to Dantioone and do the atomsphere sensor sidequest. Ask about the sensor then be helpful to the Milita. Then a Conversation will appear that allows you to train him if you want too.


Bao-Dur's mechinal genius is probaly due to his force senstive.


Bao-Dur's Jedi Class: Jedi Guardian.



Nar Shadda Requirement:



Atton is easy. You can start getting influence as early as Pergaus(aka Harbringer to get the navicomputer) near the entrance to the Ship there will be a conversation. Just side with Atton and you will get some influence. Also at the Polar Cap, Talk to one of theHandmaidens about him and his echani training. Then Ask about his echani Training. He will act like he pretends to "just" fake it. Then On Nar Shadda, There will be two Twi Leks males that will talk to you about Atton and his dark past.

Confront Atton about it and he will reveal to you his past. In that conversation, you can get the rest of the influence to get Atton to be a Jedi. If you haven't gotten enough influence by now, do the listening lesson by Kreia and you will listen on Atton's pazaak game. When you finish the listening lesson, Talk to Atton about the pazaak. Tell him that you are sorry for listening on to his game with his game and he will tell you he understand and ask him to teach you his mental block method . You will get an extra will save and the much needed influence. Also there are many ways on Nar Shadda for extra Atton or Bao-Dur influence checks.


Sidenote: Atton knows that he is force senstive. He and Disciple know that they are force sensetive before they join your crew.


Atton's mental block explains alot and why he was so good at his former career.


Atton's Jedi class: Jedi Sentinel.


Mira: You will need at least 15 intelligence and a good Awareness score for her. Like the Disciple, she is quite easy. Talk to her when you have the 15 intelligence and the good awareness score. After the first serious conversation with her, take her where Kreia showed you how to listen to the true Nar Shadda. By showing her the true Nar Shadda, it will unlock her force senstivity to the fullest and you can train her.


Mira does signs of Force senstive and that is why she is such a good bounty hunter. And she can read people quite easily and that is why she is a good bounty hunter.


Mira's Jedi Class: Jedi Sentinel.







Sidenote; Althru there will be no more Wookies that are force users, you can still make a case for Haharr to be a force senstive with in Kotor 2.



Haharr has traits that would make him a good Sith Marunder or Dark Jedi Guardian.

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