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I bought and installed the game yesterday, but i had to download nvidia detonator 45.23 driver in order for the game to launch and work correctly. The game worked fine all ysterday. Today i decided to play again but when i launched the game I got the message "Star Wars Knights Of the Old Republic " has stopped working, A problem caused the programme to stop working correctly"


I am using a fairly new PC with windows vista, can anyone explain to me why i cant play the game and help me fix the problem?



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The way I finally got KOTOR II to work is as follows: (I found this info on another forum here at obsidianent.com) Just install the game normally, and after you run the CD or double-click the icon (don't press "GAME" to start the game yet), open up Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del). Under the "Process" tab, find the KOTOR II launcher and right click it. Click on "Set Affinity" and then uncheck one of the CPU boxes. Then click "Game" on the KOTOR II main screen and it should work. I hope this helps!


My PC:

Vista Business 32bit

AMD X2 4600+ 2.41 GHz

7600 GT KO


X-fi Xtreme Music


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