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No Droid Script?

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I remember from the first game there was a droid script that allowed the droid to use his special weapons such as stun ray, flamethrower, etc. at his own discretion. Now I haven't seen anything close to that in KOTOR 2.


Is it hidden somewhere I haven't looked?

Or did they just remove the function?

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I can't say for sure, but make his style "Ranged" and that should do it.


I've never had him use those special weapons before until I put his style to Ranged, at which point he started using them without my command.


Agressive/Ranged/Jedi support/Sationary/etc. are what the charatcer "Scripts" are for this game, as compared to KOTOR 1 where you could only select 3 from the character stats menu.

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Isn't there a "Droid Support" script?

"Definition: 'Love' is making a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometers away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope.

Statement: This definition, I am told, is subject to interpretation. Obviously, love is a matter of odds. Not many meatbags could make such a shot, and fewer would derive love from it. Yet for me, love is knowing your target, putting them in your targeting reticle, and together, achieving a singular purpose, against statistically long odds." - HK-47




"Rawararr!!" - Zaalbar/Hanharr/...pretty much all Wookies...

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