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Disciple not as bad as I thought

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When KotOR2 came out, I at first avoided buying it because of all the complaints I'd read about it being in an unfinished state. When I finally got around to trying it for myself, I immediately regretted not buying it sooner.


Similarly, for the longest time, I avoided playing a female character in KotOR2 simply because I'd read so many complaints about the Disciple versus Handmaiden. I really should have learned my lesson from before.


First of all, his battlecries are hilarious. I keep expecting him to jump out and shout "Have at thee, knave!"


Second of all, I really like the fact that you can train him as a jedi really early on if you want.


Lastly, while he isn't anywhere near as good as the Handmaiden in combat, I found him to be plenty useful to have in my parties. I knew ahead of time that he would go from soldier to consular, so rather than try to make him into a useful consular (he has entirely the wrong stats for that), I used him as a high strength combat specialist and buffbot. While he might not have really high wisdom for spamming out force power attacks against enemies, he does end up with quite a lot of force power points to spend and lots of force points to cast with. I loaded him up with every conceivable buff and had him set to "Jedi Support" so that he would spam them out during combat. The fact that he would occasionally immobilize my target was a nice bonus for me and for any other jedi sentinels in the party (e.g. Atton, Mira). On top of that, with a really high strength score, he could dish out lots of damage with his lightsaber.


While he didn't mow through enemies at the same astonishing rate as the Handmaiden, he was really useful in combat and I found him in my chosen party more often than not.


Oh, one other nice little discovery: I found that by starting on Dantooine and hitting Nar Shadaa second, I could get plenty of influence with Atton and Bao-Dur on Dantooine, allowing me to get them up to jedi status quite a bit earlier than I could before (when I would normally start out on Dxun first and Nar Shadaa second). By the time I left Nar Shadaa, all trainable jedi were already trained.


Not bad. Not bad at all.

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