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Save not going through

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Well I i'm gonna admit I have used a cheat (Completed the game first) well I re-started over this time as lightside with a bit of cheats.


Anyways I'm nar shadda and this is where atton get's hunted by those twin twilek sisters well I beat them (By hiding behind a counter and shooting they can't seem to do anything if you do that. Well it then turned to my character and I'm lying down on the floor and then I get up from the lost jedi that I was looking for anyways I get up and go to vogga well I had to log then and I did saved it and logged.


Next time I played it doesn't load the whole save and then crashes. Tried updating but the FTP server is down or ist? Anyone help with the UK patch thanks.

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What kind of cheats? Did you use the savegame editor to change a weird variable that might have done something "bad"?


Beyond that, all I can suggest is to re-load an earlier save, or perhaps the auto-save if you have no other. It's possible the save is just corrupt.

If you do load an earlier save and it works, remember to re-save in a new slot just in case.


Not sure what you mean about the FTP server being down. If you're unable to download a patch from a site at the moment, then just try later?

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