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Problems on Dantoine

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After I save the the compound on dantoine i can no longer talk to the jedi master i have not used any cheat codes i do not even have the cheat console enabled i do not think it is my computer system but here are the specs for it anyway it is a mid range system


cpu 2800+

mem 1gb

video geforce fx 5200 128 mb

windows xp sp2


O and should mention i did download all the patches and have the latest drivers for my video card any help you could give me would be great thank you for reading my post

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I am sorry i should have explained better after defending the compound and defeating azkul the jedi master just stands there and does nothing i try and talk to him and nothing happens then i go to the and i talk to everyone else and it is like i never defeated azkul my only way around this is to use the save game editor and change the global value of vorrak from 3 to 4 but that makes me fight him i have replayed and beaten the game 4 times now i would like to be able win playing the light side every time i uninstall it defrag reload same thing I even reloaded my windows xp thank you for your time

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