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My variant Sorcerer


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In my own p&p rules, I have removed the wizard class and replaced it by the sorcerer while making a few changes...


Sorcerer gets a familiar and bonus feats like a wizard. Sorcerers can specialize in a specific shcool of magic, thus gaining an extra spell use per day for each spell level. However, if Sorcerers dont have to memorize spells in order to use them, they still have to use scrolls to copy them to their spellbooks (they can learn a number of spells equall to their INT) and they have the spell progression of a wizard.


It was pretty stupid to have two different classes for exactly the same purpose. Moreoer, I really hate the memorization system: it's really a problem when you dont have memorized the appropriate spells in specific situations, while you have those same spells in your spellbook (and the d&d rules are the only ones I have ever seen using that system). That is why I decided to merge the two classes. I still call this spellcasting class "wizard", and I replaced the sorcerer by a summoner class (works a bit like the FF games).

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