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HK factory

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I got the modules and went through all of them, it seems to me there was very little felt to be done, it's an alpha version of sorts. A short mission, and entertaining I have to say, then you get back to the turbolift and warp to Citadel Station, I take it the whole thing was supposed to take place as soon as you left the Accademy after dealing with Atris. I really thought those modules were scraps but it seems it was a very late decision to deprive us of a complete game, woe is me, had I seen those modules before I would have got them up and running some time ago instead of wasting time fixing insignificant bits here and there.

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There's much more than that, the modules are available for download on the TSLRP website. Bao-Dur with HK-47? No, the HK-50 units don't detect any organics as HK-47 walks in. Bao-Dur must have had some role on Citadel Station, probably involving the Sith and their attempt at sabotaging the fuel system.

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