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SLi 2.0


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One of these days they'll come up with an SLi that lets me connect my new nVidia with my fried aTi. Then I'll be set.

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Rumored to support mixed cards as well as more than 2 of them.


Imagine if this comes out then it means that I can maybe Sli my 8800, my 7800, and my 6800 in one computer :*

You'll need a special motherboard to connect them all up, if they are all PCI-e ... :shifty:




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My X-fi would get squeezed out but yea they would fit o:)


Actually the middle PCI-E slot is like a wee too close to the first and any card put in there would be only milimeters away from the 8800, which probably won't be a good thing. I believe next-gen cards are supposed to get smaller thanks to GPU shrinkage and that's what 3 and 4-way SLi would be made for perhaps.

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