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Wonder Showzen


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There was a marathon of a show called Wonder Showzen on Mtv the other night. I had never heard about it. And now I think I'm in love. It's the most hilarious thing I've seen in ages. Being stoned as a Mexican staring frog might have had something to do with that, but nonetheless!


Think South Park's spoofs on society.


Then think Sesame Street.


That's basically what Wonder Showzen is.




There's a bunch of hilarious clips on YouTube too. :)

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It was good for a season, when it was really wild how ****ed up the show was. But as it went into the second season, it became obvious that they weren't really interested in satire, and they just gave up completely, and the acid trip qualities of the show eclipsed just about everything else. The sole purpose of the show was to make every episode more belligerent and cacaphonous and "look at us, we're edgy" than the last. So it stopped being funny if you weren't on drugs.

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