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What is Atton doing on Peragus?

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I kind of stumbled on a couple quotes hinting at Atton being Coorta's smuggler, the one he contacted to get off Peragus.


"Well... I may know someone - works this system on special jobs.

He may want to know details, but I might be able to arrange transport."

"I've seen the logs. I know you've already asked him and given the details -

once he agrees, I can handle the rest."


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I'd always assumed that Atton was the person Corta was talking about when he said he knew someone who could help them.


"...got *another* lecture about contraband today.

Security hasn't started doing spot checks of our quarters yet, so my cache in the

lower bunk in my room in the eastern dormitory should be safe; you won't even know it's there unless you know to look for it.

Coorta came around again, asking if I had any 'special' cargo to sell, but I was getting a bad feeling about how he was asking,

so I stayed quiet about my stash. I'm going to keep that blaster I smuggled from Telos

and a few grenades there just in case things here get rough."

A datapad in the Peragus Dormitory Level, possibly Coorta's smuggler

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Atton; Well this is familour, feels like my last time on Telos

Bao-Dur; Crash a shuttle that time too?

Atton; No, Pizzak


So, Atton has been on Telos before. Its also interesting that he's very eager to leave Citidel Station as soon as they can. While he almost says that he's worried about the Sith following them, he could also be worried that any investigation turns up what he was imprisoned for on Peragus...

Right, I forgot that one. Iteresting indeed, this whole thing never occurred to me.
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Another thing that would fit with Atton being a smuggler is his time on Nar-Shadda. Without quoting all the lines directly, we can easily work out the following;


When he left the Sith Atton ended up on Nar-Shadda, this is first hinted at on Citidel station and later confirmed by some of the refuges and Atton himself.


Once you are on Nar-Shaddar getting off is difficult if you don't have a ship of your own. There are a lot of pilots stuck on the planet (you meet one of them) and without sponsorship you can't get a licence to fly. Some of the better pilots are approched by the exchange to work for them (Again, we meet someone in that position). Attons piloting skills are mentioned at least three times in the game; When leaving Peragus, when you crash on Telos and on Duxan. Given all this is would be reasonable to assume that Atton managed to leave Nar-Shadda because he started working for the Exchange. And of course one of the things the Exchange is involved in is smuggling.


Atton seems to know a fair amount about the Exchange. He knows about G0-T0, he mentions him on Telos should you wipe out the exchange on the station. Its also interesting that he knows G0-T0 is the direct supperior of Slusk, the Exchange boss on Citidal station. If Atton was smuggling items from Telos to Peragus it would make sense that he would know whos in charge there, even if he had never met Slusk.

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