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do i need an agp graphics card?

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hey, im brand new to the forums here. i was looking at the requirements of kotor 2 and matched them with my pci card, my pci card (not pci -e) surpassed all of the requirements. (so i can play it fine) but i read more of the requirements and it said i need an agp card? and another page said i need a agp compliant mother board? why is that? do i NEED an agp card or will it run off my pci card (like i said my pci card meet/surpasses all of the requirements) so im confused on why the requirements say i need a agp card/mother board. please help and let me know if i can run the game on a pci card. and if any people are running it on a pci card please let me know how it is. thanks.

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What is your graphics card, exactly?

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Above is spamming.


And I think PCI card works out fine, but PCI<AGP<PCI Express. I mean speed...If better, I encourage you to purchase an AGP out of PCI because of faster speed.


If you have lots of money why don't you upgrade you whole computer: Motherboard, Graphic card, Hard drive, Memory, etc.?


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