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Need help restoring Kreia!!


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I seem to be having an issue... After clearing the Jedi enclave on Dantooine, out of genuine curiosity I wandered over to the pile of rubble being guarded by the big tough-lookin' beaties. I soon find this is the restored enclave meant for later in the game, complete with a huge pile of debris to block the way.


Well wouldn't you know it, I walked straight through! (seriously on accident, no cheating here)


Of course I hadn't exactly researched it previously, so I didn't know I was stumbling into one of the biggest plot twists in the game. That said, I did the smart thing, turned around, and left immediately (note that I didn't do the really smart thing by going back to my last save - *doh*).


When I pop back out, my party is gone. A quick run back to the Ebon Hawk, I retrieve them, and continue with the mission. What I don't notice until after the epic battle is that Kreia is gone! As much as I'd love to go back and redo my actions, I've completed Dantooine, Koriban, and part of Nar Shadda since then. I still got the visions from her on Koriban (just force glow, no actual talking Kreia head), but I haven't seen her since and I'd really like my Jedi friend back, most especially because I'm sure the next time I hit a plot point that ought to (or absolutely must) include her, I'll be facing empty space and a ruined game! Like, for example, if she's supposed to come back and kill everyone but doesn't...


So yeah, long story short, is there any way to spawn these people back into existence, or am I just going crazy and she's stuck in a cargo hold somewhere? Thanks for your help...

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Well there is a mod for PC that allows you to respawn player characters, and give you a choice between Handmaiden/Disciple, and Mira/Hanharr.... ummm.... it's called Wrist Console.... it's avalible at LucasForums... under KotOR and then under Taris upper City Emporium...... you'll have to search for it, because I'm busy...

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