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Bug on Nar Shaddaa

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I am currently caught in the Visquis bug on Nar Shaddaa (I have completed all possible quests and side quests on Nar Shaddaa and have not received the Visquis message) and I understand that it's probably because i took a rather neutral path in getting the Exchange's attention. So when I go to Kaalah-Nah to give him the 2000 credits to get my name to the Exchange, he reacts as if I am from the Exchange, then I am given the option to ask him about my standing with the Exchange, however, when I select either of the responses to discover my standing, the conversation immediately exits and I can't continue. I am genuinely stuck; I can do nothing more to get the attention of the Exchange, and I can't pay Kaalah-Nah.


Any help is welcome.

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Eh...That's specifically enough...Let me think...Yes, I got stuck on Nar Shaddaa once, but after you went to Ebon Hawk and came out of Ebon Hawk for a while, then you'll receive the message...I think...


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