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NWN2 game starting problems??


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Hi , lookinf for a little help here .. im not by far a know all on computer type stuff but i cant seem to get nwn2 to start.. ive reinstalled the whole thing twice and i keep getting a direct X problem ?


" could not find any compatible direct 3D devices "


never had anything like this b4, i ran the patcher for the game and still cant seem to fix this .. any ideas plz? :bat:

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It would be helpful if you posted your computer specs.

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Either you need to update Directx (which comes with the game so that's probably not the problem), or you need a new graphics card.

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sounds like your pc is alittle behind the times, it make be time to upgrade your graphics card or get some more ram. Ram has nothing to do with your problem but you can never have to much :thumbsup:

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