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NWN2 We could really do with intervention

darth mongoose

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Have you seen the bioware NWN2 and Atari NWN2 tech forums? There are tonnes of problems that need solving, and the game developers are nowhere to be seen! I can't even get my copy to install, and I'm not the only one with that problem, plus there are tonnes of other problems that need fixing too.

The critcal rebuild has been saying it'll be up shortly for over two days. That's not my definition of 'shortly', and that's probably the only thing left to try to get this broken game up and running, as is the case with quite a few other people who have serious technical problems that can't be resolved.

I know the Bioware forums are 'self help', but could somebody at least shed light on the problems on the Atari forums? There aren't even any mods or devs looking at people's posts there! At the moment it's seriously coming across that Obsidian simply don't care about the worryingly large number of customers who've bought the game and can't get it to work, which is hardly good for their reputation.

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Either they are still busy promoting NWN2, or have more problems than expected. (Considering interviews that game devs tend to get, it is hardly surprising) Might be that they are working on further patch, just keep tuned to forums and keep asking.

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I have no immediate plans to get NWNs2, partly because I don't have the gaming rig for it and partly because that new products (especially on the PC platform) are normally quite buggy and require patches.


I will get NWNs2 once a number of patches have made their way into the shrinkwrap.


However, if you are concerned that post-production support for NWNs2 is going to be akin to that of K2, I think you can rest assured that this is not the case. Atari may be called many things, but they do care about QA, post-production support, and customer satisfaction.

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